Omega-3 Benefits Of Healths



Our bodies can not produce omega-3 fatty acids themselves. For this reason, we must not supply these fatty acids, which have important roles in our metabolism, via food or supplements. Omega-3 supplements can be used safely by everyone. Omega-3 essential fatty acids such as EPA and DHA have many beneficial effects; there is a documented positive effect on the heart, brain, eyes and joints.


Pure Norwegian Omega 3 is a completely new product. The raw materials we use are the highest quality and come from Norway One Hundred Percent . The Omega-3 supplemental food we produce is definitely not concentrated and preserves its naturalness. Thus, the nutritional value is high and it proves its benefits with its purity.
EPA and DHA omega-3s are vital nutrients that help each cell in our body function optimally.

The benefits of omega-3s are thought to be limited only to maintaining heart health, but they play a wide role in improving the function of each cell in your body. The main problem most consumers face is that they do not get enough EPA and DHA in their diets.

In an important US study, the reason for killing 96,000 Americans each year is; EPA and DHA Omega-3 have been found to be deficient in essential fatty acids! This number is much more than what you always hear, such as consuming too much trans fat or saturated fat, not eating enough fruits and vegetables, or even consuming alcohol!

Why Do You Need Fish Oil?

The reason why basic fatty acids are called "essential" is that we can not produce these fatty acids on their own, and we need to use nutrients or supplements to provide these fatty acids that are necessary for our bodies.

Using fish oil supplements, we can supply Omega-3 essential fatty acids that contain EPA and DHA that your body needs.

It can strengthen our immune system by increasing the level of Omega-3 fatty acids in our bodies; we can improve our brain, heart and circulatory system, and at the same time we will also contribute to joint and skin health.

Experts say that we need at least 500 mg EPA and DHA essential fatty acids a day.

How Does Fish Oil Affect Metabolism?

There are two separate families of essential oils, omega-3 and omega-6.

In our body, omega-3 fatty acids are found in cell membranes, where they meet Omega 6 fatty acids. For the smooth functioning of our cell functions, these two groups of fat should be found in a balanced form in our bodies. Increase in the proportion of omega-6 fatty acids in our blood; causing our cell functions to be interrupted.

We can maintain the balance of essential fatty acids in our body by increasing our consumption of omega-3 fatty acids; thus improving the function of our cells and strengthening our immune system.

Balık yağı; en iyi Omega-3 kaynağı olarak kabul edilir ve vücudumuzdaki her bir dokunun, her bir organın ve sistemin daha sağlıklı bir şekilde çalışmasını sağlar.

Fish oil; it is considered to be the best Omega-3 source, and each touch in our body allows each organ and system to work in a healthier way.


Healthy Heart and Body

  • Maintain circulatory system and heart health *
  • Increase joint flexibility and mobility *
  • Improve your immune system *
  • Supports body composition and metabolism *
  • Improves body reactions that prevent inflammation *

Healthy Mood, Mind and Memory

  • Supports learning processes and memory *
  • Encourages positive mood and positive thinking *
  • Protects and strengthens the brain, eyes, nerves and immune systems *
  • It is recommended by experts that pregnant women and lactating women should take DHA fatty acids *

Healthy Blood Pressure and Balanced Cholesterol Level

  • Omega-9 is found in fish oil *
  • It is the main element of the Mediterranean diet that reduces the risk of chronic degenerative diseases such as coronary heart disease *
  • Improves blood vessel function *
  • Makes cell membrane structure more healthy *
  • Omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid is useful for general health of acid metabolism. *
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