Fish Oil Products

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We produce the best quality fish oils from Norway salmon and Norwegian fish.

Capsule Omega-3

Pure Norwegian fish oil is unique; is a high quality product that preserves high natural nutritional value. Our capsules are produced at the highest standard.
We are a pure Norwegian fish oil product; 28.1% natural omega-3, long-chain monounsaturated fatty acids and natural tocopherols. Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA; heart, brain, vision and joints.

Fish oils from the Norwegian offshore, antioxidants (Natural tocopherol E vitamins).
Capsule: Beef gelatin

Recommended daily dose:

1-3 capsules.

120 Capsules

Liquid Omega-3

The fish products we offer are 100% natural and 100% Norwegian. The raw materials we use in our fish oil products are absorbed by the fish caught from the openings of the North Atlantic Sea and are presented to consumption in numerous ways to contribute to human health. The benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids we have brought together with our consumers have been documented for brain, heart, joint and eye health.

Salmon oil and fish oils from the Norwegian offshore, Stevia, Natural D, A, E vitamins and citrus flavor.

Recommended daily dose:
Children (0-12 years) 1-3 ml fat. Pr day
Adults 5-103 ml fat. Pr day

200 ml
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