Our Business Partners


  • The company, which was established in 2002 with POLAROL brand, has been continuing its activities with NOBLE HARVEST brand since 2014.
  • Nutrition and food supplements adopt the service concept that focuses on providing the best quality raw materials to the industry.
  • It is in close cooperation with the Norwegian Institute of Food Science (NOFIMA).
  • Nordlaks has acquired exclusive rights to produce quality fish oil.
  • It has special abilities in the production of fatty acids and high quality fish oil supplements.


  • It started his activities in 1989.
  • It is located in the northern part of Norway.
  • It is one of the biggest fish farm companies in the world.
  • It produces quality salmon oil in 75 minutes from live fish entering the factory.
  • There are no antibiotics or similar additives in their products.

Why Should You Prefer Us?


All Omega-3 products produced under the Norwegian Health brand name come to the forefront with its purity and freshness. Shortly after catching the open sea fish with raw ingredients, which does not exceed 75 minutes, our products are getting ready for production. Thus, those who use our products can provide maximum benefits of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are produced from the healthiest and untouched raw materials. We are probably producing the best fish oil in the world. We have an innovative team that organizes the contents of our fish oil products in line with the needs of consumers.


Norway has a tradition of fishing that continues for generations. Our products are produced using the world's cleanest and best fish species. Norwegian Health is a brand that provides high quality and safety to consumers. Our products have been developed in collaboration with the best experts in Norway. Based on experience, quality and research; As Norwegian Health we offer the best fish oil products to the world market. In our products, we use the purest and freshest raw materials. We offer our consumers products that are not exposed to the oxidation process..


We have a high supply capacity. To obtain the best products, the purest and most natural raw materials must be used. By adding additives to the products we offer to the world market, we ensure that our consumers meet the purest, highest quality and most natural fish oil supplement. The salmon fish we use in our products are pressed without contact with light, air or high temperature. Our products certainly do not lose their naturalness. At Norwegian Health, we guarantee the purity of all our products.

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